Minced Canned Abalone


AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION AT FARM OR BACK AREA GARDENS DELI CAPE TOWN. NB: Collect at Back Area Gardens on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. Collect at West Coast Abalone Farm on Fridays 11am-12noon.

* 100 % grown and raised in St. Helena Bay, South Africa

* This can contains minced abalone (meat only)

* The abalone is cooked and ready to eat. It can be used in your favourite recipes – stir fries, risotto, on pizza, in soup, in salads, paella and many more dishes. The brine can also be used sparingly to add more flavour.

*Shelf life 5 years after production date

*Drained weight 175g, Nett weight: 425g**

*Ingredients: Abalone, water, salt

*Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening and eat within 3 days.

Minimum order for collection: 1 can.

** Drained weight is the weight of the abalone meat in the can. Nett weight is the weight of the whole can including the can, brine and abalone.

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