1. Hold abalone in your hand with the foot facing you and locate the head. Slip a tablespoon/soup spoon between the head and the shell and move it down towards the left while putting pressure onto the end of the spoon which is resting against the base of abalone foot where the meat attaches to the shell. Increase the pressure against the shell until you feel the “give” of the meat being released from the shell.
  2. Gently lift the abalone foot out of the shell and pull the guts off the shell carefully.
  3. With the scissors or a knife cut along the edge of the top of the foot to cut off the guts. Follow the circular line of the foot where it attached to the shell. Discard the guts and the shell.
  4. Snip or cut behind the head downwards to remove the hard cartilage part of the mouth. Clean under running water and remove any bits you may have missed.
  5. Optional: put pressure on the meat to relax it and/or mix coarse salt with the meat which will make cleaning easier. Leave for an hour or two.
  6. Use a small brush to brush the frill and the bottom of the foot to remove the black epithelial layer.
  7. Rinse and cook according to your recipe.