Canned Abalone


AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION AT FARM OR BACK AREA GARDENS DELI CAPE TOWN. NB: Collect at Back Area Gardens on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. Collect at West Coast Abalone Farm on Fridays 11am-12noon.

* 100% grown and raised in St. Helena Bay, South Africa

* Each can contains succulent and tender whole pieces of abalone (meat only) in an abalone salt brine.

* The abalone is cooked and ready to eat. It can be used in your favourite recipes – stir fries, risotto, on pizza, in soup, in salads, paella and many more dishes. The brine can also be used sparingly to add more flavour.

*Shelf life 5 years after production date

*Ingredients: Abalone, water, salt

*Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening and eat within 3 days.

*Minimum order for collection: 1 can.

** Drained weight is the weight of the abalone meat in the can. Nett weight is the weight of the whole can including the can, brine and abalone.

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Our star performer is our canned abalone, providing tender and juicy meat-only abalone in brine/clear sauce.  Our abalone is canned in its natural state using only salt in the brine. No chemicals, bleaching agents or preservatives are used in the process of canning our abalone. Their natural state is already perfect. The meat is tender, light and creamy in colour and completely natural, ensuring that our valued customers receive a premium, healthy product.

Canned abalone in brine is available in 425g cans with a drained weight of 213g. Various piece counts per can are available ranging from 5 to 18 pieces per can.  The larger the abalone the fewer pieces per can. The abalone in the can are of uniform size, whole and without shell, so meat only.

They are ready to be used immediately in your favourite recipe. The shelf life of our cans is 5 years and this is indicated on the lid of the cans. Our canned abalone is convenient to use at home, at a restaurant, in a hotel or at your next family or business celebration. It is easy to use in any recipe, ensuring your delight and satisfaction.

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Pieces per can

19 – 50, 13 – 18, 12, 10, 9, 7

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