Powdered Abalone Coarse Salt Grinder


AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION AT FARM OR BACK AREA GARDENS DELI CAPE TOWN. NB: Collect at Back Area Gardens on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. Collect at West Coast Abalone Farm on Fridays 11am-12noon.

(5% powdered dried abalone in a 50ml bottle)

Our gourmet Abalone Salt is a delicious partnership between our premium cultivated dried abalone and the best hand harvested salt from the West Coast of South Africa. Both abalone and salt share the same origin in the pristine seawaters from this coastline. The natural unrefined sea salt is rich in minerals and pairs well with the remarkable flavour of our dried abalone. Together this salt will intensify the flavour of a wide range of dishes from seafood, chicken, rice and pasta to your vegetables, soups and salads. A little salt goes a long way to enhance your enjoyment.

Ingredients: salt, 5% dried abalone (shellfish allergen)

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