This makes an impressive starter or even main dish depending on size of portion. For a main dish you can pair it with some rice, couscous or a braaibroodjie, and a colourful salad.

Buy abalone from West Coast Abalone You can use fresh or canned abalone for this recipe. Clean fresh abalone (no need to do this for canned abalone) and chop so it will fit into your kelp stipe. Push abalone down into stipe and fill up stipe almost to the top, leaving a few cm of space. Pour in a dose of quaffable good quality white wine. Seal with tin foil… Or get creative here – a soaked wine cork / champagne cork gets a better seal.

Braai on grid over coals (or gas) for 20 min, turning once or 2x. Remove carefully. Slit kelp down middle, cut into portions, plate and serve with lemon and dash of gourmet abalone salt. Enjoy!